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Perhaps you are brand new to business, have a new enterprise that doesn't yet have revenue or are even looking for ways to expand the financial relationships you can draw from when needed. You have come to the right place, Fundbrella.

Through years of trial and error, thousands of clients, and searching the nation for the best financial resources for funding, we have assembled the best no revenue or no documentation program available.

Most banks, VC's, and funding companies don't know what to do with startups or companies with low or no revenue. We have crafted a program that allows you to obtain substantial funding amounts 50-150k plus, at attractive rates while building credit and the financial relationships that can grow with you in the coming years as your business matures.

The best part? No collateral, tax returns, no financials, and no down payments! All at killer rates! This funding is based solely on the strength of your or your credit partner's personal credit profile and history. We look for clients with 680 or 720 for personal or business funding respectively. Its what is on your report that matters more than the scores. Ideal clients will have 3 strong trade line history in the form of car loans, mortgages or most importantly, other unsecured debt, like credit cards. Best to have 5-10k+ of credit card limits and have no more than 50% of debt utilization of the limits, 30% or less is best for funding maximization. The size and age of these lines only serves to increase the likelihood of approval.

Obviously, the absence of negative items and derogatories on your credit report is ideal. The newer the items, less than 4 years, the more challenging it can make funding. Bankruptcies older than 4 years are sometimes fine when combined with strong history. If you have a current banking relationships or especially banks that were affected by a bankruptcy please make sure to list them when you are applying for funding, especially if you have gone though credit repair.

Personal guarantee is required, personal funding is easier to obtain and in greater funding amounts, requiring a lower credit score and history to be approved. Business funding differs in that it doesn't show up on your personal credit. The benefit of this type of funding is that you will be getting several revolving relationships to build in volume over time. While this does imply more relationships to manage it also means less loan concentration risk and higher likelihood of getting offered larger lines of credit over time with good payment history starting around month 6 to 9. 75% of all clients are able to get larger lines with even better terms than when they began. It also will help to build stronger credit while multiple lines are firing at your credit.

Since these are revolving lines, this funding is VERY flexible and can be used for ANYTHING. We don't recommend it for real estate purchases or hard assets as its best used for operational or working capital expansion. We have better suited collateral/asset funding programs for real estate investment. A skilled real estate investor can still use it for rehabs or improvements.

We can not provide an accurate assessment of your funding potential till you have applied and we can take a look at your current credit profile (less than week old). There are many places that offer free credit report or scores. Due to the funding process being a highly personal and specific endeavor, we cannot accept old reports or reports from inaccurate sources like Credit Karma. You will provide current credit monitoring logins from, the team will come back within 72 hours with a funding pre-qualification. You do not have to keep the monitoring service if you elect to not get funding but it is required during the 30 days of funding. It is 1 dollar for the first 7 days, 40 dollars for the month but can be reduced to 20 if you call them and ask for a reduction. We only do a SOFT check with NO impact on your credit while in the assessment phase. You will only see hard inquiries once you have agreed to move forward and we have funded you. Inquiries are usually limited to 5.

If the acceptance funding amount meets your liking, we will collect driver's license, social security card, matching address utility bill, and contract/disclosure agreement that serves as authorization to obtain funding on your behalf. Please let us know if you have moved in the past 90 days, we will want to make sure your major billing mail is correctly arriving at your home address. Only you will have access to the funds for payment and dispersion. A member of the processing team will schedule a time to speak for a disclosure call and go over any questions as well as what to expect while getting funding. They will also be in touch via email, text and phone during the process. You will always be able to text, email and even message the team on the site through chat feature for the speediest response. You may also of course call, but the aforementioned will get a faster response due to the high call volume we receive.

You will not want to go shopping for retail cards, credit cards, mortgages/homes or car purchases while in the funding process, it can affect your funding approval amounts. Funding takes about 30 days total, you will receive some of your funding within 20 days and the balance within 30 days. You are expected to pay our success service fee within 3 days of receipt of funds. We are completely performance based, if we don't fund you, we don't get paid. Just how it should be!

We are confident you will love the flexibility, ease and speed of our credit based funding solutions whether new to business or seasoned and looking to expand!

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