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Accounts Receivable Financing

What is Accounts Receivable Financing?

Accounts Receivable Financing allows your company to finance your open invoices. This permits fast cash and the ability to take advantages of investments, high margin product releases or seasonal inventory options.


  • Focus on the development of your business
  • Offer additional Products or services.
  • Take advantage of growth opportunities.
  • Extend Credit to Customers.
  • Pay Taxes
  • Build up available cash reserves.

Will Accounts Receivable Financing work for me?

  • Businesses That Are Awarded Government Contracts
  • Textile Clothing Manufacturing
  • Temp Agencies, Employment Agencies,
  • Staffing and Recruitment Agencies.
  • Trucking
  • Construction, Printing, Oil & Gas.

  • Why Work With us?

    Fundbrella Takes the Mystery out of finding the right Receivable Financing for your business. With our qualified partners located across the United States we find what works to ensure the growth of your business. Fill out and application right here own the website, an expert will review it immediately. After our experts review your file you are then contacted with an assessment reviewing your financial needs and goals.

    Upon Approval you will receive a proposal outlining the terms. With your approval we get the process started and overnight the necessary legal documentation.

    What Makes Accounts Receivable Financing alternative to normal lending is not relying on your businesses or personal credit profile but the clients ability to pay. The financial tools you have available in reserves the better off your business has at massive success. Get started and talk to one of our experts today on how we can take your receivables and put them to work for you.

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