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Commercial Property Financing

What is Commercial Property Financing?

Commercial Property Financing is a popular financing method available to investors or business owners. The Fundamental difference between commercial financing and residential financing is the fact that all commercial properties are potentially income producing while most homes are occupied by their owners. While you purchase a home and rent it out, it is not considered commercial real estate. The four main product types that comprise commercial real estate are office, industrial, multi family (apartment) and retail properties.

There are 2 options when it comes to funding your project.

  • One is the Conventional way. (which Requires Full Financials)
  • Second is Hard Money (Where you need Cash)


  • Appreciation in value
  • Variable and fixed interest rates
  • Keep control of business ownership
  • Eligible for tax deductions
  • Flexible payments

Will it work for me?

If you're an investor that are entering the marketplace who has owned and rented out residential properties, multi-family is where you maybe feel the most comfortable. This is an easy start for investors because multi-family properties tend to be easy to attainable commercial properties. Starting with a duplex and going from there is commonly seen.

Office, industrial and retail properties typically require a greater amount of initial investment because it is more difficult to find smaller properties (i.e. less than $1M) to purchase. These types of properties also require, in most cases, some form of professional management.

Why get a Commercial Property Financing with us?

Fundbrella Takes the Mystery out of finding the right Receivable Financing for your business. With our qualified partners located across the United States we find what works to ensure the growth of your business. Fill out and application right here own the website, an expert will review it immediately. After our experts review your file you are then contacted with an assessment reviewing your financial needs and goals.

Upon Approval you will receive a proposal outlining the terms. With your approval we get the process started and overnight the necessary legal documentation.

What Makes Accounts Receivable Financing alternative to normal lending is not relying on your businesses or personal credit profile but the clients ability to pay. The financial tools you have available in reserves the better off your business has at massive success. Get started and talk to one of our experts today on how we can take your receivables and put them to work for you. Fundbrella is focused on covering your business with what ever it needs.

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