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Equipment Financing Program

What is Equipment Financing?
Extending capital to your business to purchase necessary equipment. Letting expensive of equipment hold you back from completing orders and gaining customers is no way a business should run. If having business equipment such as building tools, paper baler, lift, and forms of transportation would increase your bottom line, there are ways to get it done.

Fundbrella is partnered with several specialized equipment lenders that can help. Rates for an equipment loan can range from bank-rate to high cost, depending on the individual applicant's credit and the type of equipment.

Not all banks do equipment lending, and the ones that do will often require a down payment — and don't offer a leasing option.

  • Get 100% financing on New equipment
  • up to 90% on used equipment
  • Customize payments to match cash flow
  • Take Advantage of newer advanced equipment
Will Equipment Financing Work for me?
Each business has different equipment needs and there are different lenders for different types of equipment. While some lenders are geared toward a select type of equipment like kitchen supplies, there are other lenders that specialize in construction equipment and can cover costs like tax and transportation fees.

Why work with us?
Fundbrella knows financing and we know how to make it work for you. There are many options with it comes to Equipment financing and we have been finding the best solutions for businesses owners for over 15 years. Getting your next project started with the right tools is something we find to be on top of the list. With Tax advantages, and no down payment, Fundbrella can put the the extra step ahead you need to jet the job done with the right tools available to you.

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