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Inventory Financing Program

Use your unsold products to leverage your business with Inventory Financing

What is Inventory Financing?
It Allows you to use Inventory as Leveraged Collateral to obtain a line of credit. This can be used to purchase supplementary inventory, or to help you get through seasonal fluctuations.

  • Fast Funding
  • Allows you to stock up on more inventory in advance
  • Collateralize assets for marketing campaign

Take Advantage of:
  • off season discounts
  • time sensitive opportunities
  • Volume discounts

Will Inventory Financing work for me?
Companies that have assets tied up in inventory, like Retailers with a strong record of sales and performance. Inventory loans can also approve businesses that have been turned down in the past for a traditional loan. This type of lending is not typically used for startup businesses, service based businesses.

Why Work with us?

Be the first to have a new product, offer something better than your competitor and get it fast. With pre and post holiday fluctuations, and new product roll outs, having inventory sitting around damages your sales.

Fill out and application right here on the website. An expert will review it immediately and contact you to talk about your financial needs and goals. Upon Approval you will receive a proposal outlining the terms. With your approval we get the process started and overnight the necessary legal documentation.

With Cash Flow problems as a common obstacle faced by hundreds of businesses today, being stand out takes options, Fundbrella provides options like leveraging your Inventory to help you get there.

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