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Residential Fix & Hold Program

What is Residential Fix and Hold
Similar to a fix and flip program, the difference here is holding the property for a longer period of time with potential to rent out after fixing or sell in the future.

  • - Gives you the option to rent out properties
  • - Steady Income
  • - No need to Immediately Sell
  • - Less Risk
Will it work for me?
A buy and hold strategy works for investors that see opportunity in an area has hit the bottom of the market. Bottom of the market meaning, the average sale price of a home has not changed for over a year. Allowing investors to fix cosmetic damage, hold the property over time with the potential to sell in the future for a profit.

Why get a Fix and hold with us?
Being able to purchase an asset that will continue to produce returns is an opportunity that can change your life. Fundbrella is proud to be a trustworthy partner when it comes to this type of financing. We are rooted to put you the investor in a position to win in the Real Estate Industry.

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