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Revenue Based Funding Program

Accelerate Cash Flow and Increase Purchasing Power

What is Revenue Based funding?
Banks No longer Lend to what they consider risky anymore, and this turns out to be 60% of businesses that tried to get a loan in 2014 - (Source- wall street journal A Look at the future of small business lending) Revenue based Lending is provided by firms that see potential in small businesses. Similar to what a private equity might do but the out the ownership. This Is accomplished by the firm giving out a loan that is to be repaid by the businesses revenue. The firm does not care how long it takes to be repaid or how much is paid each month. Because of this Revenue based lending has become exceedingly popular in recent years.

  • -Minimal Credit Requirements
  • -No Collateral needed
  • -Fast Funding
  • -No Fixed Payments
  • -Take Funding as you need it
  • -Easier to get than a bank loan
Will Revenue Based lending work for me?
Deciding on a funding model will depend on what makes sense for your business. Considering history, credit, assets and the repayment time and the length of the time you need it are important. Revenue based lending works for thousands of different types of businesses, but is not an end all be all solution.

Why Work with us?
Fill out and application right here on the website. An expert will review it immediately and contact you to talk about your financial needs and goals. Upon Approval you will receive a proposal outlining the terms.
With your approval we get the process started and overnight the necessary legal documentation.

What Makes Revenue Based Lending different is that we don’t rely on your businesses credit but the clients ability to pay.

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