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SBA Bank Loan Program

What is our SBA Bank Loan Program?

The Small Business Administration was created by the United States Government in 1953 to support small business owners and Entrepreneurs.

The SBA was formed to help small businesses get the funds they need if there is trouble qualifying for a traditional bank loan.

We work with several Small Business Administrations that are able to guaranty lenders across the country and will work with you to find what fits.

Supported by the Small Business Administration.


No equity requirements

Longer Terms Than Conventional Loans – Depending on the size and Type of loan. Conventional loans are 5-7-10 years as most SBA loans are as well, commercial real estate SBA loans are 10-15-20-25 years long.

Less Restrictive Collateral Requirements – but not guaranteed, we will work with you and advocate on your behalf

Will an SBA Loan Work for me?

Small Business Administration Guaranteed Loans are great, but can be a lot of work for the owner to get funded. Fundbrella is able to guide you into the specific qualifications the SBA requires for when it comes to getting them on your side.

However there is a List where the Small Business Administration outlines Qualities the business must own to be eligible.

The business must:
  • Operate For Profit
  • Be Engaged in The United States
  • Have Reasonable Invested Equity
  • Use Alternative Financial Resources
  • Must Demonstrate the Need for the loan
  • must use funds for sound business purpose
  • not old any delinquencies or existing debt obligations to the U.S. Government.

Why work with us?

After a Year of receiving CreditBased Financing from Fundbrella, at 0% interest. You have the opportunity to take advantage of our SBA guaranty loan program on your one year anniversary.

We walk you through the process of refinancing your Fundbrella debt before your credit card interest rates increase. We help you restructure your debt and get some extra working capital for further expansion.

Fundbrella is optimized to get you approved and funded in under 30 days given all of the required documents necessary are in order to get started.

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