Entrepreneurship 101 – Facts and Mythconceptions

Let’s face it. We’re long past the point in history where “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” is a more distant option than we’d like. Traditional entrepreneurs are a dying breed as more and more people turn to the 9-to-5 career workday. Luckily, all hope is not lost! The incredible advances in communication and technology … Continue reading “Entrepreneurship 101 – Facts and Mythconceptions”

Where To Start Revenue-Based Lending

“I have yet to find a lender that does not require a personal guarantee from the business owner; even with substantial revenues the lender will want the business owner to sign on the dotted line for the funds they receive.” -Kurt, Fundbrella Founder and CEO Certain lenders help themselves stand out as options because they … Continue reading “Where To Start Revenue-Based Lending”

Practical Tips For Leveraging Your Credit Score

Whether you’ve accepted it or not, We’ve become a nation that relies on plastic. Whether booking a hotel, buying a materials online, or even trading the stock market, credit cards are a convenient and safe alternative to cash. When you start a business, want to leverage your assets, or make an investment, credit is crucial. … Continue reading “Practical Tips For Leveraging Your Credit Score”

5 Mistakes That Kill Startups

With so many business failing for reasons that often go unfound, we decided to ask a question: “Why DO businesses fail?” Now I know, it sounds like a trick question. “Not failing” doesn’t necessarily mean success. It’s not that easy, and we’ve listed the five most common issues plaguing startups these days. 1. Running Out … Continue reading “5 Mistakes That Kill Startups”