Entrepreneurship 101 – Facts and Mythconceptions

“The problem with the French is that they don’t have a word for entrepreneur.”
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Let’s face it. We’re long past the point in history where “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” is a more distant option than we’d like. Traditional entrepreneurs are a dying breed as more and more people turn to the 9-to-5 career workday. Luckily, all hope is not lost! The incredible advances in communication and technology we as a society have made over the past decades have opened new routes, new methods to gaining success as your own businessman.

We’ll start with the basics. To be an entrepreneur is more than just running a business. It involves organizing, promoting, marketing, and operating- all while taking financial risk to do so. It’s a person who will strive for growth, even when it means it could all come tumbling down with one misstep. To Fundbrella, that’s exactly the kind of person we’re looking for. When you’ve got an idea that sticks- we’re here for you. Your dreams are our dreams, and we’re committed to minimizing the risk you take looking to secure funding. That’s not to say that risk is bad, in fact, Fundbrella specializes in finding capital for groups that don’t have another option. More risk means more success should plans play out. Like we said, your dreams are our dreams.

How would you feel going into work every day and not finding a singular “boss” to work for? Sounds pretty cool, right? Ironically, finding funding for your startup and moving ahead can turn the standard work model on its head. Instead of reporting to a superior, now EVERYONE is your superior. Your business decisions will be influenced by customer response, overall cash flow, sales performance, and just about every metric you can think of.

When you’re the person in charge, you’ve got to branch out and think of more than just “business as usual.” For upward movement to occur, there NEEDS to be risk taken. Bold moves must be made to grow your business steadily and strongly. This can be anything from a new piece of equipment, to new facilities, and even to acquiring new staff.

Failure happens too. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s rare to find a business owner who hasn’t experienced their share of upsets, their share of less-than-stellar results. Here’s the thing. When failure is involved, you’ve got two options. First, you can let it consume you and run your business into the ground. Second, though, is the option we like. When failures strike, don’t let it get you down. Find the problem, correct it, and move forward. Use these things as learning experiences, and you can find yourself well-rewarded for your persistence.

In short, entrepreneurship isn’t something to take lightly.

I don’t mean to put you off of it entirely. The road is often bumpy and full of twists, but with hard work, passion, and persistence, anyone can be successful at what they love. The one thing that can improve this process just happens to be the proper partner, willing and able to navigate the tumultuous world of business alongside you. Fundbrella is more than qualified to be that partner, helping you find the funds you need to grow your business!