Practical Tips For Leveraging Your Credit Score

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Whether you’ve accepted it or not, We’ve become a nation that relies on plastic. Whether booking a hotel, buying a materials online, or even trading the stock market, credit cards are a convenient and safe alternative to cash. When you start a business, want to leverage your assets, or make an investment, credit is crucial.
Beef Up Your Credit Score
Turn the lights on in that dusty room and take a look to see where you’re at. Improvement is always encouraged. Whether or not you need to build it up depends on a few things, but he truth is, the higher your score, the more money you will get approved for.
Work to Pay Current Debts
Lenders see you as a risk. You want to be as small of a risk as possible in their eyes, which means paying your monthly payments and then some. It would seem that having more credit open is a good thing, but don’t go too far- they only require four open and aged credit lines, five years or older.
Plan, Project, Propose
How long do you need the funding? What do you need it for, and how will it be spent? Make a list of expenses, income, overhead, and costs. Track them through statements and weekly audits to weed out unnecessary purchases.
Do Your Own Research
Credit-based funding is unique. Other forms of lending can look at revenue, collateral, and the like, but our credit-based approach just means you have to have an appealing profile. Don’t sweat it, Fundbrella’s trusted partners are ready to get you on the right road to maximum funding!
Be Informed
Don’t forget your funding! We all know just how easy it can be to leave your keys at home or a cup of coffee on the roof of the car, so don’t make the same mistake with your finances. Be informed of your business performance and how the repayment plan will work, so that you won’t be caught surprised.
Be persistent, you’re almost there. Once you’ve applied, keep checking in until you get a reply. This shows lenders that you’re serious and ready to do business, and soon they’ll be barking at your door competing to fund you!
Edited by Jake Layton